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Autumnal Queries...

Autumn is a beautiful time of year… we have cooler, more acceptable temperatures. We have amazingly autumnal colours on our trees and with our plants. We have beautiful creatures like pheasants and squirrels coming out to say hello. We have comfy, cosy fires teamed with toasty warm beverages… what’s not to love?

When getting married this time of year, there are a few things that you need to think about;

Daylight – this is probably the biggest thing you need to have in the back of your mind as it affects your wedding photographs and can dictate the timings of your day quite a bit...

A typical wedding takes place around 1pm/2pm (these are the most popular times, anyway!)

When getting married in a church, your ceremony takes around an hour (sometimes a little less) so let’s say you’re getting married at 1pm, this means that by 2pm you are walking out of the church as newlyweds (yay!) and you have approximately 2 to 2 ½ hours before it starts to get dark. Factor in photos by the church, travel to the venue, drinks, canapés and photos, it’s usually getting dark just as you’re sitting down which is perfect. When getting married at 2pm, you have around 1 to 1 ½ hours to factor this in before it starts to get dark which is more than enough time if you’re venue is relatively close to your church. When getting married at the venue itself with a registrar, the ceremony is around ½ the time so this gives you even more wriggle room!

Temperature – Obviously it’s a little chillier now so bear this in mind for your guests. Make sure your venue has plenty of indoor space for your guests to mingle should the weather take a turn. I find that most guests will still sit outside at some point during the wedding anyway, even in drizzle, so don’t worry about wasting those lovely grounds, they will still get used by plenty of your guests. It may be a nice idea to provide blankets and/or umbrellas if there’s any room in your budget (these don’t need to be anything expensive as will likely be ruined and thrown away the next day anyway!) It can get quite windy this time of year so make sure you’ve got some extra hair spray!

Trees and plantation – this is also quite important for your photographs… my advice to couples is always to try and book the venue at least one year prior and with plenty of time to view the venue at the same time of year that you are getting married. This ensures that you have seen what the venue will look like (as close as you can!) on your wedding day. You can see the different flowers that bloom, you can see what the trees look like, and you can see how the grass looks. All small things but these small things make a big difference to your photographs and ultimate memories of your wedding day.

Packages – A great thing about getting married at this time of year is that it’s generally considered to be ‘off-peak’ which means lower cost, yay! October tends to be when the lower season begins and it tends to follow through to February/March before it picks up again. I always suggest checking with your suppliers as some stay busy all year round so may not always reduce their cost but if you don’t ask…

Décor and Theming – You can have so much fun with decorations this time of year and SO much of it can be found by simply going for a walk in the woods! Often couples go with a rustic theme for this time of year, so something like wooden logs, pine-cones, leaves, oranges, reds and browns. Pinterest (among other sites) can inspire anyone to DIY… It’s always worth asking your venue if they have anything too – as a venue, I have lots of couples who leave decorations behind because they simply don’t want them anymore or have no use for them after the wedding. Some of my couples do end up re-using these so it’s definitely worth keeping them. There are a lot of Facebook groups out there, local to you, with couples who have had their wedding and are looking to unload decorations for a small cost both to help them make a bit of money and to help other couples find decorations for their upcoming weddings.

Drinks – Hot drinks are a must! Autumn weather provides the perfect excuse to indulge in a hot chocolate (with or without bailey’s, though personally this is not even a question for me!) Have a chat with your venue/supplier and see what you can do – kids love this! Especially if you make it into a ‘create your own’ station with cream, marshmallows, chocolate sprinkles etc… And later on, it can be a little more grown up with things like Bailey’s, Rum etc.

Food – Food this time of year is scrumptious and our lovely planet has so much to offer your guests… warming soups and stews, rich and indulgent sauces, sticky toffee pudding… it’s all there and ready to be devoured. This time of year gives you the perfect excuse to experiment a little and get away with having hotter dishes; because nobody wants soup in the middle of a heat wave, right?! I always advise having a menu tasting with your caterer as this helps to give you an idea of what you will be given on the day. It also gives you the opportunity to experience the food and play around with the dish before the big day. It’s really helpful to take pictures too, especially if you really like the way a dish is presented, because the team on the day can use these images to replicate your dishes for you; always a good backup plan just in case the chef is different on the day (very rare but can happen).

Embrace the chill...

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