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Post-Corona Budget Wedding

So, you’ve postponed your wedding and now you’re not quite sure where to begin… Well, hopefully I can help you along the way and relieve a little of the stress you’re feeling.

Firstly, find a clear space to work. Whether it be a home office or the kitchen table. Clear a space and you will be surprised how this can help to clear your mind. Think of it as a clean start where you already have 90% of the jigsaw pieces - you’re just rearranging them. Yes, you may have lost a few pieces but you’re going to re-build those and make an even better picture.

And breathe. Now you’re ready.

Update your spreadsheet / folder / notebook, however you were keeping track of who you had booked with everything you’ve managed to keep.

My advice is to keep a folder with any information regarding the suppliers you have lost, just in case. Don’t throw it all away in a fit of rage and upset… And try not to highlight in red or cross it all out – this is really negative and won’t help your state of mind when you’re looking over everything so if it’s a spreadsheet, put it all onto a cancelled tab so it’s out of the way. If it’s a folder, put it all to the back of the folder and if it’s a notebook, tear out the page(s) and re-write them.

Have you lost any deposits or were your suppliers able to move your booking free of charge?

Make a list of the suppliers who could not postpone to your new date and could not return your deposit. Most suppliers are trying their best to either move the date or refund your deposit if not, due to the circumstances. However, there are a lot of small businesses out there, especially in the wedding industry, and not everybody will be able to. I know it’s difficult in such a horrible time but please try to understand this. Nobody wants to tell you they must keep your deposit. This is honestly the one conversation I never want to have but sometimes it must be done to stay afloat.

Before you look around for new suppliers, ask yourself – can I DIY this? There are so many places to go for inspiration…

· Pinterest -

· Instagram -

· Facebook pages - There are so many out there with couples who have made and bought things for their wedding that they no longer have a use for and are looking to sell on for a small fee. There are also plenty of small, local businesses who use Facebook to promote themselves so have a little look around and see what you can find

· Your venue – can they do any of it inclusive for you? Or for a small fee? Do they have any decorations left behind? As an example, I have a cupboard at the hotel with decorations that couples have left behind, filled with fairy lights, wooden signs, glass jars, wooden logs etc. They cost me nothing and nobody wants them, so my couples are welcome to use them as and when they please! Can their chef make a cake? You never know until you ask…

· Family – over the years I have seen so many family members pulling together to help with things like decorations, DJ’s and Cakes. So, if anybody mentioned they could help initially and you turned them down, maybe now is the time to have a conversation. If you don’t want to do it for free, paying for their accommodation is a nice gesture and cost-effective way to say thank you.

Look for new suppliers

Once you’ve determined what you’ve lost and what you can’t do yourselves, it’s time to search for new suppliers. Hopefully, you don’t need to do this much or at all but if you do, there are plenty of places you can go for assistance with short notice…

· Wedding fayres and open days – suppliers often offer discounts for bookings on the day. For couples who are at the very beginning of their wedding planning, this isn’t capitalized however, you know everything there is to know about your wedding at this point, so this is perfect for you!

· Your venue – your planner may have recommended suppliers with whom they have preferential rates, so this is always worth an ask. At the very least, if they don’t have preferential rates, they will likely be local suppliers who know the venue and who may have been cancelled by other couples so are looking to re-fill their diaries

· The original supplier – the supplier you’re looking to replace may know of other suppliers/companies who can offer the same services as them, so this is always worth an ask. They won’t like referring you to a competitor however, most are happy to do so as a courtesy if they are unable to help you and can often recommend people who they have worked with in the past

· Facebook - it's full of local businesses, so my advice is type what you need and go from there! If not, ask for a recommendation and it won’t be long before locals are tagging in businesses for you to look up

Read blogs for some inspiration and advice

There are lots of blogs out there – one of my favourites is ‘Rock My Wedding’ so if you have some time, take a read. It’s reassuring to know that so many other people are feeling how you’re feeling:

A lot of the booking agents are also writing blogs and helpful posts with useful advice – I recommend reading these because collectively, these suppliers have so much experience behind them, the advice is incomparable. One example is Guides for Brides:

Send out revised invitations/postponements to wedding guests

Once you’ve confirmed a new date, it’s obviously important to let your guests know of the change. You may wish to send out new invites altogether or you might want to try something a little different. My advice is honestly to call each guest – this way, you won’t have to chase everybody for RSVP’s again (we know how frustrating that was the first time around…). If calling them isn’t an option then perhaps send out new save the dates with an added note to say that anybody who RSVP’d to the original date will be automatically added onto the guest list this time around and for anybody who can’t accommodate the new date, they need to let you know via call or text.

Over the years, one of the main things I have learned is that everything is always ok. Sometimes it is very stressful getting there but this knowledge is how I manage to stay calm through the storm because I know there is always sunshine at the end. Stay strong, we can get through this together x

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