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Spring Surprises

So, you’re looking to book a Spring Wedding. Or perhaps already have one booked and are looking for some inspiration. Well, look no further my lovelies! I have seen many a Spring Wedding over the years and I am planning my own for May 2019 so I could not be more in this with you if I tried…

Spring is a beautiful time of year in general and in my (very biased) opinion, it may even be the best time to get married. (Let’s face it – the most recent royal weddings were when? That’s right…)

So where do we start? Well, most couples start by booking their venue so let’s go from there. When booking a Spring Wedding venue, you should really be thinking about the outside of the venue as well as the inside. You have plenty of daylight with a Spring Wedding so it’s important to have views if you can – so you can make the most of the sunshine we all dreadfully missed during the winter months before. I always advise that a couple try their best to book a venue over a year in advance so that they can visit their venue in the time of year they are getting married. This is especially important with spring – it’s great to know what the trees look like, which flowers are blooming, how the grass looks; all small things when you think about them but all things that affect your photographs which last forever.

Tip: It’s great if your photographer can come with you on a visit, especially if they haven’t been to your venue before.

Lots of couples use this knowledge to theme their wedding on the inside of the venue either on a particular plant / flower / design such as blossom or on a particular colour such as yellow. Some couples can’t decide what they want and have too many ideas so they simply go with the flow of the venue which can look absolutely stunning. Speaking from experience as a venue-wedding planner, when wedding décor matches the venue it truly looks amazing. Everything just flows beautifully throughout the day and looks absolutely effortless.

We’re all a little worse for wear as spring arrives because winter is oh so dark and dreary so any pop of colour really can make all the difference… spring gives us hope for outdoor weddings too! If you are dreaming of an outdoor ceremony, spring is the perfect time; it’s not too cold, it’s not too hot or humid, it’s not too sunny (nobody likes a squint-filled picture) and it’s not too dreary. As Goldilocks would say, it’s just right…

When organising an outdoor ceremony, it’s important to bear a few things in mind;

1. Make sure you have an aisle. Walking on grass in heels in difficult enough on its own without having to worry about your dress too.

2. Make sure you have appropriate seating for your guests. Your standard chairs won’t be suitable and may even damage the ground or worse, sink in which can be uncomfortable for your guests. Most of the time, a venue will have suitable outdoor furniture for you (check if there is an additional cost or if they are included already) so you may not need to think about it but not all venues have regular outdoor ceremonies so it’s always worth checking.

3. Have your wet-weather option ready to go. Unfortunately, in our lovely England, the weather is very unpredictable so make sure you have a plan B as well as a deadline for making that decision. Most venues are ok with this kind of decision 24hrs before the wedding or sometimes even the morning of, so cross everything and hope for sunshine!

Spring gives us a little energy boost and tells us that summer is on its way – you may even have the opportunity for outdoor activities such as giant games or an outdoor band. Drinks receptions and photographs are almost always outside if the weather permits so think about entertainment for your guests. Though if it’s not in the budget – the bar generally provides more than enough entertainment at this time!

Once your venue is booked, everything else simply falls into place. My advice is always have some form of notepad ready to go. You never know when inspiration will hit you! Your venue co-ordinator will also be able to help you with ideas and recommendations from their experience. Bridal magazines and leaflets will be able to help as they often have examples of to-do lists for brides and grooms to use.

You really can go all out with a spring themed wedding… there are several sites and blogs all over the world that can give you inspiration and can create the building blocks that create the foundation of your wedding theme before adding your own personal quirks along the way… When you thoroughly theme a wedding it includes every little aspect of the day right down to the colour of your confetti, the ribbon on your bouquet and the style of drink you offer – you really can have a lot of fun with a theme if you let your imagination run wild! Let’s pick the colour yellow for example, this sounds simple; just one colour, but there are so many variations and paths that you can go down. So, what would I do if I had a yellow themed wedding?

Well, Lemonade on arrival is a must, with bright yellow lemon wedges in the glass and maybe some stripy straws to finish the look… To go with this, I’d ask chef to create some yellow themed canapés using ingredients such as cheeses (definitely brie, though cheddar is the obvious choice), breads and macaroons… There would be yellow confetti for pictures, of course! Daffodils and perhaps even daisies with the floral bouquets and centrepieces would look beautiful and would be perfect for the season as well as the colour theme. With the tables, I think spring simply screams for floral centrepieces but for our brides who want something a little different, how about making it personal? With me, everybody knows that I have bright yellow wellies! So I would definitely try to incorporate that into the theme somehow – now I’m thinking of gnomes in yellow wellies sat on a log in the centre of the table with little yellow bees… see how the imagination can just run away?! Speaking of bees, little honey jars and bees may work for wedding favours… Or going back to our canapé list – bright yellow macaroons wouldn’t go amiss either.

So you see, your only limitation is your imagination.

Wedding planning is an enjoyable experience and my advice is simply to embrace it and have a little fun!

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