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Summer Heat Tips and Tricks!

Planning a summer wedding and worried about your guests being uncomfortable in the heat? Let’s be honest, with global warming firmly upon us the heat doesn’t just come in the ‘summer’ anymore! Here are some tips and tricks on how to help your guests cope in the heat…

Starting with your ceremony – even though you are only in the ceremony for around 30 minutes (though it feels like 5), your guests have generally been in there at least 10/15 minutes longer. A low cost and effective way to help your guests cope with the heat is to provide water bottles on their chairs. You can even personalise the labels if you wish! This would add a nice touch but may not always be in the budget. It may even be worth discussing this option with your venue as they may be able to provide water bottles for you. Some larger venues often have their own branded water bottles for conferences and events so it’s always worth asking!

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During the drinks reception, I would advise providing a water station along with your alcoholic/non-alcoholic options. You’ll be surprised how popular this becomes. If you have a specific colour theme, you can always add this to the water i.e. yellow = lemons in the water. Pink = perhaps raspberries/strawberries in the water? You get the idea… this can help ensure the table looks as if it’s always been a part of the plan and not just added in at the end due to the heat.

A lovely little edition to the drinks reception is an ice cream cart/station. Often more popular with the adults than children to be honest! If it’s not in the budget to hire an ice cream cart (though, they’re not as expensive as you would think so it’s always worth a bit of research), then discuss your options with your venue/caterer. For what is life, without ice cream?

Cosener's House, private gardens

Outside space is really important and most couples don’t book a wedding venue without it. So when you’re viewing the venue, make a mental note to see if they have outdoor seating. If they do, are they accompanied by parasols? Or can they be? Try to think about your guests with this as you probably won’t use them too much. You will be off having photographs and being treated like royalty but your guests will definitely use these. (I myself will burn within minutes so I’m always the guest hiding in the shade! If there isn’t any, I’m forced to go indoors.)

Much like you would have an umbrella in the rain; fans are very popular in the sun. They make a lovely addition to a summer wedding and can be woven into your photographs to add some real fun and character. The trusty hand fan is elegant, beautiful and again can be bought to match the theme/colour of your wedding so doesn’t have to look out of place and last-minute. They make great wedding favours too! I would say the pivotal moment a fan is needed is during the wedding breakfast. When your guests are all seated together in a room, it can get stuffy even in the largest of spaces depending on how many guests are in the room, how close the tables are to each other etc.

Instagram  Photography:- @sharmainephotography Dresses:- @susiegristcouture Flowers:- @pennyblossomsuk Hair Accessories:- @designedtosparkle Hair:- @tanyawestleymakeupartist Makeup:- @emmaghua Models:- @leona.clarke

Instagram  Photography:- @sharmainephotography Dresses:- @susiegristcouture Flowers:- @pennyblossomsuk Hair Accessories:- @designedtosparkle Hair:- @tanyawestleymakeupartist Makeup:- @emmaghua Models:- @leona.clarke

It’s always worth asking your venue from the very beginning if they have fans/ air conditioning on-site and specifically, in the spaces you will be booking. You may find a lot of venues do not and it is something you will need to provide yourselves, however, over the recent years most venues have at least invested in some fans to help keep their guests comfortable. It’s always worth asking as it generally isn’t something you would think about until much nearer the time and by which point is either too late to buy from the shops or that there is simply no budget left to purchase them.

Lots of couples provide little boxes in the bathrooms with toiletries such as plasters for new shoes, deodorant, chewing gum, paracetamol etc. A nice little summer edition to this is sun cream. Let’s face it, not many people bring big bags to weddings – if they do bring a bag, it’s often a clutch bag with not much room for sun cream or else it’s a little thing called a pocket; I would suggest a spray on sun cream for quick and easy application.

All that's left to do is enjoy the sun!

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