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Winter Wedding Inspiration

Updated: Dec 3, 2018

Winter may be chilly but my goodness, isn't it magical?

Snow... Frost... Ice... It's all so mesmerising and can provide such a stunning backdrop for your wedding; Winter can turn any venue into your personal Wonderland. And of course, for those Christmas lovers, December is just around the corner which means Christmas decorations! (There's nothing better when planning (and paying for) your wedding than some free decorations; money saved is money saved, after all!)

There are so many beautiful themes for Winter weddings... simple colour or fabric themes like blues, whites, lace and silvers or perhaps more specific themes such as Christmas, a winter film or place you both enjoy. Even 'light' can provide a stunning theme with fairy lights and candles to create a magical atmosphere. Themes can be as simple as the decorations but it can go so much deeper than that if you allow yourself to be indulged. Why not theme your stationary, favours, centrepieces, napkins, suits and bridesmaid dresses? I love nothing more than coming into a Wedding Reception and seeing a clear vision from start to finish. From the moment your guests are walking towards your venue, wouldn't it be lovely if they were captivated by not only the lucky venue you have chosen but by the connection to you and your betrothed? It should have you written all over it.

It's accessories galore! The girls are happy with little fur coats and hand warmers. The lads are happy with scarves and hats. (Whimsical winter socks are never a bad call either and make great gifts beforehand). Nan and gramps can cosy up by the fire while the kids enjoy toasting their marshmallows and gulping down hot chocolate. (I'm sure you can agree that 'Frozen' is a must-have for the kids to be kept entertained...)

Even though our lovely sunshine disappears by 4pm and the darkness surrounds us, this only invites your guests indoors which is exactly where you want them to be. Lots of venues have beautiful fireplaces to keep you warm and toasty - around this time of year, it simply lends itself to hot chocolate (perhaps with a little Baileys for the grown ups), warm cookies, blankets and so much more. Plus let's face it, who likes a disco when it's still light outside?! I'd much rather be inside a stunning venue surrounded by the atmosphere of family and friends having a magical day, wouldn't you?

Speaking of blankets... this is a lovely idea for your guests during the evening reception especially if you are having fireworks. It's super chilly at night (even in the Summer) so anything to help add a bit of quirkiness is never a wrong decision. Just like umbrellas in the rain, blankets in the cold are simply a must-have. You can even personalise them with names, images, patterns, you name it and you can probably find it.

Lots of venues include these months in their lower costing bracket but don't take this as a sign that nobody wants to get married at that time of year because it's simply not the case. It's less popular than August, of course, but November through to January weddings are on the rise and there's nothing you can do but hop on board and join that magical train. (And save some pennies while you're doing it!)

The possibilities are only limited by your imagination... Don't be afraid.

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